About Me

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!  I started as a hobbyist then I eventually started providing photo services.

I do take print requests  on my personal photographs and digital art.   I usually get it done by Mr. Randy with his expertise in fine prints at his certified archival printing boutique:  https://www.facebook.com/4archivalprint/

Have fun browsing my photos!  My images are excited to be viewed!   


North Valley Art League 2016  International Juried Photography Show, Redding, CA-

“Flowery Vision” (Silver Selection) 4/2016

Stivers School for the Arts Photography Fundraiser Event, Dayton, Ohio

– “No Incoming Call”- 4/2015

North Valley Art League 2014 International Juried Photography Show, Redding, CA-

 “An Attempt to Measure” (Gold Selection) and “Life Without Folders” (Silver Selection) –   4/2014

See Me Takeover – Time Square, New York, NY  – Display Collage “Fresh Among the Gold Straws” 7/2014

Black and White Magazine Special Issue #101 SINGLE IMAGE  Award – “Subdued Shadows” – Published 2/2014

Bronze Magazine Africa Fashion Week – Cover Photography assistant – Published 7/2012

Social Culture Cafe Group Exhibition, Ferrara Italy    –  “Conversing Chairs”  (Selected) –   10/2012

Stop Violence Against Women Group Exhibition,  Verona, Italy –  “The Knocking Victims” (Selected) –    11/2012